About Us

Hinckley Associates is an IT solutions company founded in 1998 and operates in multiple West African countries. Today Hinckley employs over 120 employees, bringing innovative solutions to a diverse client base to help business reduce costs and improve security. In addition to being the market leader in IT solutions, Hinckley operates the authorised HP Service Center providing break and fix services nationwide.

The company became the first registered electronic waste recycler in Nigeria. Providing end of solutions for electronics equipment, preventing environmental pollution and human harm caused by hazardous electrical waste.

Hinckley prides itself on delivering professionalism, customer satisfaction and service excellence to their customers. The is been proven in their 18 years of business activity, building a strong and loyal customer base.

  • 20 Years in ICT Market in Nigeria
  • HP Service Center partner for 17 years
  • Largest network of HP Service Centers in Nigeria
  • Largest team of HP certified engineers in Nigeria
  • Dedicated service company neutral to channel
  • Pan African Operation

Our Principles


We believe that the success of our firm depends on understanding and satisfying the needs of the customers; indeed, delighting the customers by exceeding their expectations.


We believe that being first, speed of action, hard work, perseverance and aggressive determination to get things done right ONCE are characteristics of every winning team. In our business they are a condition for survival because too often our clients are in a hurry and there is little by way of default or failure much less repetitive repairs. The quickest to move keeps everyone else off balance. The will to pioneer and succeed very often wins the way through sheer determination and perseverance.


We believe that confidentiality and integrity are essential assets in this business otherwise why would quality customers entrust important and sensitive aspects of their daily work tools being computers systems, printers servers etc effort to us. Our success is worth having and ultimately will occur only if every action is characterized by staying true to our values. It is not enough to do things right – we will also always do the rights things.


We believe that we will succeed only as a team and that the full participation of ALL is essential to the fulfilment of our mission. As one family, we would recognize and respond to a team member’s “cry for help” by providing support and assistance. It is imperative that we create an environment that fosters creativity, candour, mutual respect and trust; where all can reach their highest potential; where individual initiative and team performance are recognized and rewarded; where all identify with the success of the Company; and where a winning attitude prevails at all times.


We believe that sustained success depends on the maintenance of superior quality, which we will only achieve through continuous improvement in everything we do and proper knowledge gathered through constant updating of all tools and training involved in our ever developing ICT business. In a dynamic, rapidly developing and competitive environment, to stand still is to be left behind. We encourage a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo and the creativity and initiative to do something about it. We know that what gets measured gets done, so measurement against defined standards is a discipline that runs through our continuous improvement program and process.

Our Vision

To lead the market in innovation.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative solutions in a professional and ethical manner, whilst exceeding customer expectations.