Firm sets up e-waste recycling facility in Lagos

With the increased technology advances that makes electronic devices becoming “trash” frequently, a Lagos-based firm, Hinckley Recycling has begun recycling operations for the safe and responsible processing of all electronic waste (E-waste) streams.

The firm established the government’s approved e-waste recycling facility in Ojota, Lagos, which is aimed at combating the problem of informal recycling of electronics that has caused untold harm to the health of Nigerians and the environment.

Over the past two decades, the global market for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has continued to grow exponentially and expected to produce over 50 million tonnes of waste globally in 2018. However, the disposal of these equipment at end-of-life poses a challenge to the environment and the country at large. Hence, the proper and responsible recycling of the E-waste is receiving a considerable amount of attention by the environmental agencies.
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